Hello Chicken

Quick bites, big flavors

Flavor on the go

Casual Street Food

Hello Chicken Fried is a Korean-style double fried chicken restaurant that offers a unique twist on the classic fried chicken dish. Our chicken is marinated in a special blend of herbs and spices to ensure maximum flavor, and then fried twice to create a perfectly crispy and crunchy texture.

We offer a wide variety of flavors to satisfy any craving, from classic soy garlic to spicy hot chili pepper. Our signature menu items include the Hello Original Chicken, which is lightly seasoned with salt and pepper for a simple and delicious taste, and the Hello Snow Chicken, which is coated in a sweet and savory sauce made with honey and mustard.

In addition to our mouth-watering chicken, we also offer a selection of sides and drinks to complete your meal. Our sides include crispy fries, onion rings, and Korean-style pickled vegetables. For drinks, we have a variety of soft drinks and beers to pair perfectly with your meal.